Hello, greetings, and good day. My name is Keith Gawla and welcome to/thanks for listening to That Was Great… Wasn’t It?

Each week I’ll be joined by my friends, both old and new, to reminisce on our youth via the nostalgic power of Saturday Morning Cartoons. We’ll be revisiting shows from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Some are classics, some are classics with air quotes, but all will have us pondering the same philosophical conundrum, That Was Great…. Wasn’t It?

Welcome to Series 1.5! Bigfoot & The Muscle Machines!

BTMM was part of Super Saturday – or Sunday depending where you lived, a half hour block of cartoons syndicated nationwide from 85-86, and featured the titular truck and it’s driver, Yank Justice, trying to stop an elderly corrupt billionaire from finding the Fountain of Youth! Holy crap!!

That Was Great… Wasn’t It Series 1.5 is sponsored by Fish In Chips.

My guest for this short run is none other than Chris Green. Chris is a podcast enthusiast, the host of This Week Today and Armchair Radio, and a glutton for punishment since he agreed to do another show with me after ProStars. Or he felt guilty for all the last minute requests to co-host on This Week Today lately. Either way, I was happy to have him along for the ride. Let’s get going shall we?