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Today, the director of The Stranger in Our Bed (2022) and host of the show, Giles Alderson, welcomes said film’s producers, Terri Dwyer & Dean Fisher. Yes! Giles’ latest feature film is out now, starring Emily Berrington, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Samantha Bond, Nina Wadia, Joseph Marcell, Bart Edwards, Terri Dwyer, only to name a few. Do go support, check it out, enjoy it, leave some lovely reviews, and give it a nice rating, it would mean the world to us. And after you’ve watched it, get back here and listen to what Giles, Terri & Dean have to say about the making of the film.

They chat about:

how everyone got involved with Stranger

the current state and future of indie films

tons of funny anecdotes

acting & producing at the same time

the meaning behind the colours in Stranger

how to approach a feature as a director

directing a married couple

Giles’ favourite moments in the film

post-production and picture lock


trending on Hulu

the DVD market

… and much more!

One thing is for sure: it has been an incredible journey making The Stranger in Our Bed. The team behind it is very proud of the film. Don’t miss it. Be part of the indie film world. But for now, sit back, relax and listen to this week’s episode with the amazing producers Terri Dwyer & Dean Fisher.


A happily married woman leaves her husband for a lover who mysteriously disappears.

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