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Today, we’re back with a regular episode. And yet this episode couldn’t be any better as our host Giles Alderson welcomes producer/writer/director Christin Baker to the show. She is also the co-founder of the Emmy-nominated streaming platform Tello, which focuses on stories for the lesbian/queer community. Their 2017 series “Secs & EXECS” earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for Austin Powers actress Mindy Sterling. Also, in 2019, their series Riley Parra received two Emmy nominations for actresses Liz Vassey and Carolyn Ratteray.

The SVOD platform has a wide library of the best LGBTQ+ women’s titles and thousands of paid subscribers. The majority of their million-dollar revenue goes back to filmmakers, enabling them to make more shows. Christin has been playing with video production and storytelling since she was 13 after her family got their first VHS camcorder.

In 2016, she was awarded Best Director at the London Raindance Film Festival for her work on Maybelle, a series that follows the story of a 35-year old gay woman in the south after the death of her mother.

Over the last four years, as an indie producer, she has made five features on SAG Ultra Low Budgets, but she believes the storytelling quality is as high as anything on Netflix.

In her conversation with Giles, Christin chats about:

finding investors


turning a web series into a feature film

setting up her streaming platform Tello

making LGTBQ+ films

directing feature films

sales agents

predatory distributors


Christin was very insightful about her process. This episode is an absolute masterclass in production and distribution – a must-hear for any filmmaker working in the independent world. So, sit back, relax and listen to our amazing chat with the fantastic Christin Baker.