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Hello and welcome to episode 1, 2, 3…. 299, 300 of The Filmmaker’s Podcast! Yes, 300 episodes! We can’t believe it. Thank you so much for listening and supporting us. Thank you so much for being part of our indie film community.

Today, we brought (most of) our hosts together to look back at 300 episodes. Join Giles Alderson, Dom Lenoir, Christian James, Phil Hawkins, Matthew Butler-Hart, Tori Butler-Hart & Tobias Vees in their madness!

Some of the many topics we talk about are:

–         What have we learned from 300 episodes of TFP?

–         What do audiences want from indie films?

–         How are we choosing our projects?

–         working with the wrong people

–         on-set demands

–         listener’s questions

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!