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I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling lately and decided I’d repost one of my favorite episodes with one of my favorite storytellers! Enjoy this replay of my first episode with Abby Morrison from way back in 2020!

In other news, there’s a brand new Discord server if you want to plug in with me and other plant people! Join it for free at the link below!

  • Storytelling, Explaining the Universe, and Hanging Out with Oysters w/ Abby Morrison- Replay
  • 88. Plants, Pangolins, and PhDs w/ Jack Baker
  • 87. Anniversaries and Continuing Not to Eat Your Friends w/ Kyle Tengler
  • 86. Deep Dive- Plant Hunters Across the Ages w/ Natalie Sabin
  • 85. Efficient Agriculture, Frankenmelons, and The Future- September 2022 Q&A