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One the 2nd episode of our new strand on the filmmakers podcast called The Business of Film Explained we go deep in facts, stats, percentages and figures of film-making with film data researcher Stephen Follows and directors and producers Giles Alderson and Phil Hawkins

-We discuss how we got our films made.

-Is there a typical route to becoming a film director

-Why is their a gender equality in directors

-Getting your film on Netflix and the benefits for filmmakers/

-What percentage of directors do other roles (ie DoP, stunt co-ordinator ).

-Films with more than one director.

-And who will get more answers right? Giles or Phil?

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Stephen Follows is an established data researcher in the film industry, has been nominated at the British Independent Film Awards, and long-listed for a BAFTA

Stephen has produced over 100 short films and two features, Baseline and The Grind.

Check his amazing website at

LINKS we discussed

How many films does the average director make?

How to become a film director

How common are actor-directors?

Do writer-directors make better movies than directors who don’t write?

Do more experienced directors make longer movies?


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