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Ep138 – Please enjoy this walk down memory lane between siblings, as mom Joyce Carter and her big brothers Randy and Bill Carter reminisce about summers in Texas, growing up on snowy Mount Shasta, and their teen years in the hot desert of Tucson. Family history and whether we have a Native American ancestor is discussed. And grandpa’s time in WWII and its aftermath is talked about. Hear who got in trouble for cutting down a cherry tree limb with a hatchet! This episode was actually recorded a year+ ago and was so family-centric that we decided to just distribute it between the Carters and kin. But now we have a more pressing reason to put this out in the public – our sweet mom is no longer with us. We hope this sweet conversation will help friends, family, and fans learn more about mom and her family and remember her in the cheerful loving light that she always put out into the world. Watch this episode on

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►Credits: “Mouse and Weens” theme song by Julianne Eggold and “Columbus Stockade Blues” by Joyce Carter. Voice actor: Matt Thompson

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►Please follow, subscribe, talk: Socials @mouseandweens | | | 858-319-1089 Outline: 0:00 Intro 7:00 Bill Carter gets on 9:03 Randy Carter on & introductions 10:57 Arizona memories – bikes & guns 12:46 Meet dog Gus 14:52 Grandview Texas chigger summers 23:34 In trouble with parents 26:42 Mt Shasta life 34:26 Texan accent, colloquialisms 39:28 Stories of singing 45:51 All 3 sing “Do Lord” together 48:18 Telescope business, Jo a driver 51:19 What’s the key to a happy marriage? 53:00 Covid life 55:51 Dream Dinners 57:22 Little sister, big brothers 1:00:39 Grandkids & kids 1:03:09 Texas & family history 1:08:47 Personalities & careers 1:15:03 Grandpa & WWII 1:22:35 Native American roots & other stories 1:50:37 Racism & segregation 1:55:29 Music nowadays 1:57:15 Grape soda, banana taffy, learning to drive 1:59:57 Aches & pains 2:02:11 Farewells 2:05:50 Conclusion 2:09:01 Mom sings “Columbus Stockade Blues”