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Warning: Adult Themes

Chile, I know what you’re thinking…where in the hell have we been? Long story… the important thing is…your favorite aunties are back & better than before. In today’s episode, we provide a salacious play-by-play of some of the tantalizing topics we will discuss for our upcoming Season 3, “Grey Sweatpants Season!” Grey Sweatpants is a euphemism for….long story, look it up. We tackle old lady vaginas again (who else is going to do it) & the urgency for middle aged women to get their folds back….long story.

Then we discuss relationships & how you cant legislate monogamy but that doesn’t keep some people from trying. Why did Yummy threaten her boyfriend with a strap-on…long story? We are soooooo happy to be back, we’ve missed all of our Side-Pieces lol! Baby, this season is going to be lit as the kids say! All this & so much more on today’s Yummy & Fearless Podcast with The Side Chicks. Please do us a solid and tell one friend about the podcast, you can find episodes on all listening platforms and The Yummy & Fearless Podcast was ranked #12 Top 100 Indie Relationship Podcasts, #14 Top 100 Relationship Podcasts, and #57 Top 100