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What’s up Plant People?? I don’t want to spoil too much of this fantastic conversation, but today’s episode with Amanda McLoughlin was super special to me. When I first starting to get into podcasts, Amanda’s show, Spirits,  was a huge inspiration. I was so thrilled when she reached out wanting to chat about her passion for houseplants! What started off as a discussion on growing plants indoors turned into a lovel  conversation about family, life, careers, passion projects, life as a creative, and so much more! Make sure you go subscribe to Spirits and get ready for a great episode here with Amanda!

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  • 97. Grandma's Plant Magic, Succulent Struggles, and a Creative Life w/ Amanda McLoughlin
  • 96. Efficient Agriculture, Measuring Impact, and Scientific Storytelling w/ Dr. Clint Krehbiel
  • 95. Earth Day Special- Recycling w/ Nick Nowicki and In the Grow
  • 94. Climate Journalism, Objectivity, and Noodle Dome Road w/ Brandi Addison
  • 93. Spring Garden Tips