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Where animals intersect at humanity

with: Melissa McCue-McGrath

Join Melissa as she dives deep into the weirdest, funniest, sciency-est ways in which animals intersect at humanity. How is a horse responsible for the FDA? How did fish farts nearly cause bombs to fly between Russia and Sweden? How did a pigeon save 194 soldiers in wartime? Why are honey bees trained to find unexploded landmines in Croatia? Let’s find out on BewilderBeasts – where animals intersect at humanity!

Latest Episodes:

  • Ep 86: Unicorns, Rainbows and Funeral Turkey Feathers
  • Ep 85: Because, Alaska.
  • Ep 84: SQUAWK! We'll Do It LIVE!
  • Ep 83: Five Deer (DeerDucken remix)
  • Ep 82: Going To The Dogs

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