If you’re on this planet, plants have a HUGE impact on your life. Whether you’re a vegan, a carnivore, or somewhere in between, plants are the basis of the food you eat, the clothes your wear, and the air you breathe.

We don’t intend just to teach you plant facts (though we’ll do plenty of that), but to give you some insight into the cool people who work with them. From the soil to the plate to the climate, dive into the anthropology of plants (get it?) and learn a little more about why you should care about the world around you from the people who care about it the most.

Latest Episodes:

  • 40. Growing Hope, the Recipe for Success, and French Breakfast TikTok w/ Tyler Froberg
  • 39. Wilderness Survival, Varmints, and Gas Station Sushi w/ Paul Csomo
  • 38. Plants in World Traditions- Staying Awake
  • 37. In the Grow, Serving the Underserved, and the Best Meatbag Experience w/ Rachel Boyd
  • Academia, the Art of Storytelling, and Digging Graves w/ Dr. Glen Ritchie- Replay

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