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Creativity turns into boredom which, if you’re Paul, can either manifest itself as pure vandalism or a podcast like this one. Stories, advice, voicemails and opinions from Paul Csomo are dispensed here whenever he feels like it.

Creator’s Cove

I talk to creators to learn more about their passion and their process while we all discover new music together.


It’s Not Rocket Surgery is a Science, Technology & Geek Culture Radio Show on Melbourne’s 98.9 NorthWestFM. It goes out live on Sunday nights at 10:30 PM until after midnight Melbourne time… which is UTC +11 during the southern hemisphere’s summer, or UTC+10 during the southern hemisphere winter (i.e AEST or AEDT). Listen to the show live on 98.9FM if you’re in the broadcast zone, otherwise, you can catch the show on the NorthWestFM station stream online at, or on the TuneIn Radio app. Alternatively, you can listen to the podcasts posted at and all good podcast repositories. Join in on the conversation by texting the show on +61447777989, like and join us our Facebook page or tweet us @RcktSrgry.

The Perfect Package Podcast

From “The Perfect First Date” to “The Perfect Apocalypse Bunker” from the mundane to the head scratching bizarre. Based on the weekly theme, Chad and Dave get 5 draft style picks each to create the “perfect package”.

Podfix Presents

The Official Podfix Network Podcast featuring members from the shows found on the Podfix Network. Current lineup includes: The FloridaMan Show, PodSix, The Mixtape, The Knight Rider Years, and PodFix Football Federation Weekly.

The Cretin’s Guild

The Cretins Guild are 3 long time friends who predate The Nintendo64. They are awkward, they are insightful, THEY ARE NERDS. Jay is your bartender, Bob is your tour guide, Corey will build you a wet-bar out of Legos.

The Podcast Discovery Show

The Podcast Discovery Show is a podcast about podcasts! With thousands of shows available we try to discover new and amazing podcasts each week. Imagine a book club, but each week we talk about a new podcast we have discovered. At the end of each episode we recommend a new podcast to go check out for the next week. We also release a show weekly called The Other Discovery Show (TODS) where we get together after the show and talk about all of our other discoveries for the week that are not podcasts. This can be anything from news, tech, pop culture, hobbies, and art like film or music. In the end we just love learning new things, and we know there is always more to discover.

This Week Today

Comedy podcast that takes a brief look at this week in history, news, entertainment and more. Plus,
interviews, improv, and other bits under the comedy umbrella.

Hotline (214) 531-3936.

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