Women Hosts

Always Never Right

Jill and Gina are Gen X’ers who have been dear friends for over 25 years. They’re suddenly middle-aged with kids and on their second marriages. They feel older, although not necessarily wiser. But boy howdy, do they have opinions! Those opinions generally include alcohol and a lot of cussing. But how about you mix up our cocktail-of-the-week, sit down, and have a listen while they provide “advice,” riff on current events, and cuss like sailors (Jill’s married to a sailor, which makes it okay).

I Shake My Head With Lisa And Sam

We podcast about nothing…yup nothing! We promise to never teach you a thing that’s relevant to your life…pinky swear! If our 18+ friendship has taught us anything, its it’s that we are slightly left of center! We are two 50 (ish) year old women from Canada who podcast in a car… even in -40C weather! It’s where our strangest and funniest conversations happen! We laugh at life, stress but mostly at ourselves! Laugh with us or at us, we don’t care cause we’re Canadian…eh!

Love These Mother Daughter Talks

Ever wonder why your kid won’t listen? Wanna know why your Mom is so bossy? Well 6-year old Flynn and her Mom Brynne ponder these burning questions everyday, so they started a podcast to find out! Through a series of open and honest conversations, this mother and daughter aim to deepen their understanding of themselves and each other, and hopefully share some lessons along the way.

Mouse And Weens

We are Southern California girls, living different walks of life. Weens is Julianne: the younger sister, single and working in the entertainment industry. Mouse is Joelle: the older sister, a stay at home mom of three, living in some fancy ‘burbs in San Diego.
We might talk childhood memories and teenage adventures, discuss dating, marriage and family, get deep with philosophy and psychology, or go behind the scenes with entertainers, celebrities, friends and family